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V: tonnenweise Metal-CDs!


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Ich miste sehr viele Metal-CDs aus und möchte diese hier an den Mann/die Frau bringen.

Preise im Schnitt 10.- pro CD (exkl. Versand), bei Special-Editions können wir einen Preis abmachen, einfach nachfragen. Very Happy


Die CDs sind in excellentem Zustand (kommen aus einer Sammlung) und werden gepolstert verschickt.


Hier die Liste:


AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Digipack)

AC/DC – Let There Be Rock (Digipack)

AC/DC – If You Want Blood…You’ve Got It (Digipack)

AC/DC – Powerage (Digipack)

AC/DC – Flick Of The Switch

AC/DC – For Those About To Rock (Digipack)

AC/DC – ’74 Jailbreak (Digipack)

AC/DC – Who Made Who

AC/DC – Live (Live)

AC/DC – Razors Edge (Digipack)

AC/DC – Ballbreaker

AC/DC – Ballbreaker

AC/DC – Stiff Upper Lip

AC/DC – Black Ice (Digi-Book)

Amazing Baby – Rewild

Amon Amarth – Versus The World

Amon Amarth – With Oden On Our Side

Amon Amarth – Twilight Of The Thunder God (2CD-1DVD, Limited Edition, Digi-Book)

Apocalyptica – Inquisition Symphony

Apocalyptica – Apocalyptica (Limited Edition, Pappschuber, Multimedia)

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Allegro Barbaro (Digipack)

Arch Enemy – Doomsday Machine

Arch Enemy – Rise Of The Tyrant

Ayreon – Universal Migrator Part I & II (Pappschuber)

Bathory – Nordland I

Bathory – Nordland II (Digipack)

Battalion – To Fight For Metal

Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy

Black Sabbath – Never Say Die!

Black Sabbath – Live At Last (Live)

Black Sabbath – Dehumanizer

Blind Guardian – Follow The Blind

Blind Guardian – Imaginations From The Other Side

Blind Guardian – The Forgotten Tales

Blind Guardian – Nightfall In Middle-Earth

Blind Guardian – A Night At The Opera

Blind Guardian – A Twist In The Myth (Limited Edition, Digipack, Multimedia)

Bolt Thrower – Mercenary

Borknagar – Quintessence

Candlemass – Nightfall (Pappschuber)

Candlemass – Candlemass (Digipack)

Candlemass – King Of The Grey Islands

Candlemass – Death Magic Doom (Limited Edition, Digipack)

Catamenia – Morning Crimson

Crematory – Revolution

Danzig – Live On The Black Hand Side (Live)

Danzig – 6:66: Satans Child

Deadlock – Manifesto

Death – Spiritual Healing (Re-Release, Remastered, Digipack)

Demons & Wizards – Touched By The Crimson King

Dimmu Borgir – Godless Savage Garden

Dimmu Borgir – Stormblast

Donahue, Tim – Madmen And Sinners

Dornenreich – Nicht Um Zu Sterben

Dornenreich – Bitter Ist’s Dem Tod Zu Dienen

Dylan, Bob – Modern Times

Dylan, Bob – Together Through Life

Eisregen – Leichenlager

Eluveitie – Spirit (Pappschuber)

Eluveitie – Slania (Digipack)

Eluveitie – Evocation I – The Arcane Dominion (Digipack)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Pictures At An Exhibition (Live)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – In The Hot Seat

Empyrium – A Retrospective (Best-Of, Digi-Book)

Empyrium – Songs Of Moors And Misty Fields

Falkenbach – Ok Nefina Tysvar Ty

Falkenbach – Heralding – The Fireblade

Fjoergyn – Ernte Im Herbst (Digipack)

Fjoergyn – Sade Et Masoch (Digipack)

Fjoergyn – Jahreszeiten (Digipack)

The Flower Kings – Space Revolver

The Flower Kings – The Rainmaker

The Flower Kings – Unfold The Future (Digi-Book)

Galar – Skogskvad

Grivf – Yggdrasil

Guilt Machine – On This Perfect Day (Digi-Book)

Haunted, The – The Dead Eye

Hellfueled – Volume One

Hellfueled – Born II Rock

Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind

Iron Maiden – Powerslave

Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time

Iron Maiden – No Prayer For The Dying

Iron Maiden – Dance Of The Death

Iron Maiden – Death On The Road

Iskald – Shades Of Misery

Iskald – Revelations Of Reckoning Day

Judas Priest – British Steel

Judas Priest – Ram It Down

King Crimson – Three Of A Prefect Pair

Legion Of The Damned – Cult Of The Dead (Digipack)

Legion Of The Damned – Feel The Blade (Digipack)

Lunar Aurora – Weltengänger

Lunar Aurora – Ars Moriendi

Lunar Aurora – Zyklus

Lunar Aurora – Mond

Manowar – Battley Hymns

Manowar – Into Glory Ride (Digipack)

Manowar – Kings Of Metal

Manowar – The Triumph Of Steel

Manowar – Louder Than Hell

Menhir – Die Ewigen Steine

Menhir – Thuringia

Menhir – Hildebrandslied (Limited Edition, Digi-Book)

My Dying Bride – The Angel And The Dark River

My Dying Bride – Like Gods Of The Sun (Digipack)

Nevermore – Dreaming Neon Black

Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor

Nightwish – Dark Passion Play

Oasis – Stop The Clock (Best Of, 2CD, 1DVD, Box)

Oldfield, Mike – Five Miles Out

Primal Fear – Devil’s Ground (Digipack)

Psychotic Waltz – Into The Everflow

Psychotic Waltz – Bleeding

Rage – Unity

Raintime – Flies & Lies

Rhapsody – Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga

Die Roten Rosen – Never Mind The Hosen – Here’s Die Roten Rosen

Samael – Above (Digipack)

Satyricon – Nemesis Divina

Sentenced – North From Here

Sentenced – Amok / Love & Death

Sentenced – Love & Death (Digipack)

Shining – III – Angst – Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie

Shining – VI – Klagopsalmer

Sodom – Agent Orange

Sodom – Masquerade In Blood

Sodom – Sodom (Pappschuber)

Sorgsvart – Vikingtid Og Anarki

Svafnir – Heathen Chapters

Tempesta – Fulltime Joker

Therion – Lepaca Kliffoth (Digipack)

Therion – Theli

Tiamat – The Astral Sleep

Tiamat – A Deeper Kind Of Slumber (Digipack)

Tiamat – Skeleton Skeletron (Digipack)

Diverse CDs von „Die Toten Hosen“ einfach nachfragen

Ulver – Bergtatt

Unleashed – Midvinterblot

Unleashed – Immortal Glory (The Complete Century Media Years, 10-CD Box, Nummeriert, Cardsleeve, limited to 2000 copies) *Preis nachfragen*

Violator – Chemical Assault

Vital Remains – Icons Of Evil (Pappschuber)

Vreid – Kraft (Digipack)

Vreid – Pitch Black Brigade (Digipack)

Vreid – I Krig

Windir – 1184

Windir – Likferd

Wyrd – Huldrafolk

Wyrd – Rota

Wyrd – Wrath & Revenge (Best-Of)

Wyrd – The Ghost Album

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