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MMORPG Beta Liste

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Es befinden sich eine Menge MMOs in der Entwicklung bei denen zur Zeit Betatests stattfinden. Falls Interesse besteht werde ich die Liste regelmässig aktualisieren.



MMORPG Beta Liste (stand 20.01.13)


Open Beta


Broken Realm(R2Games):, Signup

DK Online(Aeria): Signup

DUST 514(CCP Games): Signup,

Path of Exile(Grinding Gear Games): Signup

SmashMuck Champions(Kis Studios): Signup

SMITE(Hi-Rez): Signup

Soul Captor(Gamania): Signup

Taikodom(Gamersfirst): Signup

War Thunder(Gaijin): Signup,


Closed Beta


Age of Wulin (gPotato): Signup

Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict (Gamigo):Signup

Born to Fire (Aeria): Signup

Bounty Hounds Online (Wicked Interactive): Signup

City of Steam (Mechanist):Signup,

Dawntide (Working as Intended):Signup,

Defiance (Trion Worlds): Signup

Dota 2 (Valve): Signup

DK Online (Aeria):Signup

Dragon Born (KoramGame): Signup

Dragon Crusade (Aeria): Signup

Dragon Knights (Aeria): Signup

DUST 514 (CCP Games):Signup

Earthrise: First Impact (SilentFuture): Signup

End of Nations (Trion): Signup,

Firefall (Red 5 Studios):Signup,

Grecca (Banbox): Signup

Grimlands (gamigo): Signup

Ingress (Google): Signup

Lime Odyssey (Aeria Games): Signup

Line of Defense (3000AD): Signup

Living After War (Alaplaya):Signup

Maestia (Gravity Interactive): Signup

Marvel Heroes (Gazillion):Signup

Otherland (gamigo): Signup,

Path of Exile (Grinding Gear Games):Signup

Renaissance Heroes (ChangYou): Signup

Salem (Paradox Interactive): Signup

SMITE (Hi-Rez): Signup,

Star Conflict (Star Gem): Signup,

Starlight Story (Aeria): Signup

Starlite (Project Whitecard): Signup

Tamer Saga (PopAce): Signup

The Missing Ink (RedBedlam): Signup

The Mummy Online (Bigpoint): Signup

The Repopulation (Above and Beyond): Signup,

The War Z (Hammerpoint): Signup

Traveller AR (Ingz): Signup

UFO Online (gamigo): Signup

Universal Monsters Online (Bigpoint): Signup

Waren Story (Aeria): Signup

World Alpha (World Alpha): Signup

Warface (Crytek/Trion Worlds): Signup

War Thunder (Gaijin): Signup

World of Warplanes (Wargaming.net):Signup,

Xulu Universe (Xulu): Signup



Diese Liste wurde euch Präsentiert von der Gilde Gothic.

Wir sind aktiv in über 15 aktuellen und zukünftigen MMOs, bieten einen grossen TS3 Server und einen eigenen Radiosender, das MMORPG-Radio.

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