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Astropulse: Reincarnation [Multi]

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Publisher: Imagendary Studios

Entwickler: Imagendary Studios

Genre: Sci-Fi-3rd-Person-Shooter/RPG

Systeme: TBA

Spieler: 1

Release: TBA





Astropulse: Reincarnation Announced by Renowned Former Blizzard Artist

Imagendary Studios, a game development team led by renowned former Blizzard artist Wei Wang, has announced Astropulse: Reincarnation, a the new single-player, sci-fi third-person shooter/RPG set on a war-torn future Earth that aims to be part of a larger transmedia universe.


The developers describe the backstory of Astropulse as such: "Astropulse is an epic science fiction saga spanning billions of years, tracing the impact of a mysterious cosmic energy, known as Astropulse, that arrived on Earth via meteorite 250 million years ago. This force drastically altered Earth’s biological evolution, eventually triggering a global catastrophe that reshaped human civilization. Amidst this fractured world, new species and civilizations emerge, embroiled in a complex struggle for survival against eldritch entities. In this post-apocalyptic landscape, a young man and his loyal companions embark on a quest to defy their seemingly inescapable tragic destiny."







"Sie" het no es sexy Ärschli






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