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Reborn [PS3 / PS4]

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Es wird zwar über Kickstarter laufen, aber bei DEM Artwork verdient das Ding einen eigenen Thread :fap: :fap:





Two New Companies Team Up To Develop a Videogame For PlayStation Consoles, Calss Support From Fans on Kickstarter!


acttil today revealed plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign beginning the week of September 22nd, for its first videogame title developed with Elemental-Labs: Reborn, a real-time weapon-based 3D action RPG for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Computer Entertainment Systems. Reborn is the very first title being developed by Elemental-Labs, which has been working on it for the past 9 months. “Reborn is built on the powerful Unreal Engine,” says CEO of Elemental-Labs, Franz Tissera, “and it aims to satisfy the action hero in all of us while recapturing the magic, imagination, depth, and nostalgia of the classic RPGs that we enjoyed growing up.” Both companies have been established recently, charged by their passion and commitment to developing and publishing a videogame title. Being small companies, acttil and Elemental-Labs have decided to ask for support from PlayStation console fans on Kickstarter with a goal of $150,000 to finish a digital version of the title for PS3 and PS4. For the past 9 months, the small but talented team at Elemental-Labs have been working on Reborn from the CEO's garage, driven by their dedication to make a videogame that is fun and exciting to play for gamers worldwide. Reaching the Kickstarter goal means that Reborn will be released digitally for PS3 and PS4 in fall of 2014. A trailer for Reborn and a “Meet the Developer” movie will be available on the official Kickstarter page! There will be lots of pledge amount choices, all with amazing rewards, and even some stretch goals. Updates with ingameplay on the Kickstarter page will be made available next month!


About The Game


Reborn is a sci-fi action RPG with the real-time combat of action games and the depth of traditional RPGs, including an experience and leveling system, progressive License Board, rare loot, and various character classes , and downloadable content, upon reaching higher stretch goals. Reborn follows the high energy adventures of a futuristic version of the famed Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. The year is 2188; the people of Japan once embraced a life of spirituality and harmony with nature, but now they're obsessed with technology, forcing it into every aspect of their lives, becoming willing slaves. But some see the destruction of their culture, and rebel against the modern system. As Musashi, you will travel the streets of Neo-Tokyo, clashing with cyber-enhanced gangs and oppressive corporate overlords in your attempt to find “a better path.”



Neo-Tokyo is shrouded in lies and corruption. A massive wall stands between the wealthy and the poor as Rena Nakano, cyborg and president of Nexus Roku Corporation, leads the country into darkness. Manufacturing augmentations for human beings, Nexus Roku promises an easier life. But by embedding chips into their patients and buying out those who would expose them, Nexus Roku is able to alter the behavioral patterns of society to be docile and compliant, giving Rena Nakano unrivaled power and control. Once used to seal away the Tengu Demon Sōjōbō, Rena Nakano is in search for the ancient pearl in hopes that upon freeing Sōjōbō, he will grant her immortality as a reward. Within this societal turbulence, a handful of unlikely heroes find themselves leading the resistance not only to Rena Nakano's greed, but perhaps saving the world from Sōjōbō, and ultimately death, altogether. Based on the real historical swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto leads this group through a plot teeming with deceit, violence, love, betrayal and sacrifice against a backdrop inspired by traditional Japanese lore. Rich with philosophical themes and generous subtext, Reborn tells a tale that asks the question, “What is freedom without free will?


Game Features


• Real-time weapon-based 3D combat emphasizing well-timed combos, special attacks, and environmental interaction.


• Extensive RPG elements: find and equip a large variety of gear, access a License Board system allowing the player to choose new skills using the element-based Wu Xing system, and install “Augmentations” to further enhance your abilities.


• Futuristic Japan setting that blends a traditional, naturalistic feeling with advanced modern technology.


• Action-oriented story featuring an engaging, cool cast of characters and visually impressive environments.


• Reborn features four distinct gameplay pillars: Combat, Stealth, Augmentation and Social Perception.










Moar: http://gematsu.com/gallery/reborn/september-19-2013/


Als würde man Blade Runner mit Matrix, Star Wars und Halo/Mass Effect mixen :sweetjesus:

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"a real-time weapon-based 3D action RPG for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4"

--> Heady's Gedanken: Hell yeah Blindkauf! :fappyduck:


"Reborn is a sci-fi action RPG and futuristic setting"

--> Heady is gar nicht mehr begeistert :unhappy:


Aber ok, ist auf der "Watch Liste" :ming:

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Hi everyone,


it has been quite some-time since I last updated you on REBORN, and I want to apologize for this! REBORN is being developed and will get made, however it can only be done so with your continued patience and support. As an indie studio, we have much to prove in this already difficult industry, but with hard work, determination, and support from our fans, like you, we can make this happen!


The team and I have been continuing to work on the project, and yes, we will be targeting PS4 first! What we have been doing behind the scenes and why we have been so quiet is primarily due to our focus on a quality playable state of the game. Bottom line, I want to ensure that our second time around on Kickstarter will be successful for you, and for us, so that is why I have not given the green light to relaunch just yet.


On another note, I have been working on REBORN's official website with a community forum for you guys to actively participate with us, and a mailing list. The site is near complete and is currently in test/debug mode to ensure all functions are working properly for you guys. Lastly, there will be a thread that is locked only for you backers and I will post the password in a subsequent backer only message prior to the live launch of REBORN's official website.


Let’s keep the positive messages coming in guys! Thank you again for your support and continue to have a blessed New Year!


-Franz Tissera



- It will be done

- Targeting PS4 first

- 2. Kickstarter-Versuch in Vorbereitung



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