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The Banner Saga 2

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Passt jetzt vielleicht nicht hier rein, aber erscheint Teil 1 irgendwann noch auf Xbox?


Oder hat es jemand auf dem Handy gezockt? Kann man sich das auf dem System geben oder soll ich mich einfach mal gedulden? :ugly:


Konsolentechnisch ist Teil 1 bislang noch für die PlayStation 4 angekündigt.

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Es kommt für Konsolen :mercury:


The Banner Saga 2 has been confirmed for release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015.


We knew that indie developer Stoic was crafting a sequel to its stylish strategy role-playing game, but this is the first we've heard of its launch platforms.


Stoic - a three-man team made up of former BioWare employees - has said that the sequel will continue the epic Norse storyline of the series' first adventure. A third title is planned to wrap up the tale.


The original Banner Saga arrived for PC earlier this year to high acclaim, and is being ported to both PS4 and PlayStation Vita early next year.


There's no word yet on an Xbox One launch for the series' opening chapter.


"The critical reception and widespread fan appreciation for The Banner Saga is overwhelming and humbling," Stoic co-owner and art director Arnie Jorgensen said, "and has the team at Stoic dedicated to delivering a fantastic sequel. We couldn't be more excited."


For Eurogamer, Stace Harman wrote that the first Banner Saga was "a refreshing take on the tactical RPG with a story every bit as engaging as its combat. It is a beautiful game filled with ugly choices and tough consequences."

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Für mich eine grosse Überraschung: Das Spiel erscheint diese Woche :circle: .


Und die Reviews sind guuuuuuuuut :mushy:






Tenor ist, Gameplay-Mängel ausgebügelt und die Story noch besser als im Vorgänger. Grad gehypt, das wird garantiert gekauft. Ich mochte den Erstling sehr und die Vorstellung eine verbesserte Fortsetzung mit noch düsterer Story zu spielen, ist dann doch sehr toll :circle: .

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Konsolentermine :waltz:




Console Release Date Announced for Banner Saga 2


Stoic, an independent game development company, and Versus Evil, one of the leading independent video game publishers, today announced that Banner Saga 2 will launch on Tuesday 26th July, 2016 on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and to the Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program. Banner Saga 2 recently released on PC and Mac where it received excellent reviews across the board. Check out the accolades trailer here.


Banner Saga 2 is the exciting sequel to the award winning, BAFTA nominated, indie hit The Banner Saga, an epic Viking role-playing strategy game where a player's choice directly affects their personal journey.


“We are happy that we were able to create a development schedule where the console version of Banner Saga 2 could come out shortly after the PC version,” said John Watson, Technical Director at Stoic. “Although our team size dictated what we could do with the first release, we knew that a two year wait for the sequel was just not acceptable, so we worked extremely hard to ensure that console gamers could continue their journey in a timely fashion. Our goal for Banner Saga 3 is to simultaneously ship on all platforms!” he added.


“This sequel continues to build on the legacy Stoic has created with the Banner Saga. New players can jump right in and play without any concern of not playing the original game. We didn’t want anyone penalized if they were jumping into this story for the first time.“ commented Steve Escalante, General Manager at Versus Evil. “However, the diehard fans who completed the first game will be able to continue their own saga based on all the choices they made in Banner Saga 1. The Stoic team has done an amazing job of ensuring this sequel is better than the first and addressed many comments their community had including improvements to combat, a wider variety of characters to play and interact with and the addition of more animations and cinematics,” he concluded.


To celebrate the launch of the sequel, the team recently released an “In Memoriam” trailer, an entertaining homage to the first game which is renowned for making gamers make some difficult choices which result in the loss of several beloved characters. The trailer, which was created by Penny Arcade contributor Kris Straub.


The Banner Saga, which launched to much critical acclaim has received several awards and nominations, including winner of the 2014 Geekie Awards for “Best Video Game”, winner of 2014 Game Developers Choice: “Best Debut” award, finalist placement for “Excellence in Visual Arts” category at the Independent Game Festival, 3 BAFTA Award Nominations, and winner of Pocket Gamer’s 2015 Best Adventure/RPG Game and Best Android Game of the Year. The sequel, Banner Saga 2 for PC is available now through most digital retailers including Steam.


To learn more about The Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2 visit bannersaga.com.

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Im Juli ist Banner Saga 2 umsonst auf Xbox One zu haben, die PS4-Fassung erscheint 5. Juli:


Stoic and Versus Evil have announced that development on The Banner Saga 2 is moving ahead of a schedule, and that the release date has as a result moved up.


In case you missed it, The Banner Saga 2’s Xbox One release date was revealed earlier this week to be July 1. The game is going to be free as part of July’s Games with Gold promo, for the entire month.


As for PlayStation 4, it will be available July 5. PlayStation Plus members can get it for 10 percent off if they pre-order. In addition, a pack containing both Banner Saga games will also be available for 30 percent off.


The PS4 version comes with a neat little bonus: a passive ability boost and the Playful Hilt of Arnr. For Xbox One, players will get the Tome of X. These items will be automatically unlocked in-game, but can only be equipped when you reach the required level.


The Banner Saga 2 has been available on PC for a while, and it’s even https://www.vg247.com/2016/06/28/steam-summer-sale-deals/ .



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Banner Saga 2 scheint mir weniger gehypet worden zu sein wie der Erstling. Daher bin ich gerade etwas überrascht auf dieses Video gestossen bzw. dass schon jetzt über den möglichen Nachfolger gesprochen wird:


Kickstarter zu Banner Saga 3





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