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Ryse - Son of Rome [Xbox One]

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Ryse: Son of Rome (previously known as Codename Kingdoms and Ryse) is an upcoming action-adventure video game in development by German studio Crytek and to be published by Microsoft Studios as an Xbox One exclusive game. The game will be released at the Xbox One launch.


The gameplay centers on the control of a Roman general named Marius Titus. It will feature working with Roman infantry by giving commands to them as well as quick time event controlled finishing moves during combat. It is a historical fantasy in alternate world that is not historically accurate in either the story or the shown weapons and tactics. The story follows Marius' life from early childhood to becoming a leader in the Roman Army. The story is described as an "an epic tale of revenge spanning an entire lifetime". Crytek has confirmed 15 hero level characters will be given full motion capture with the same detail as Marius. Players control Marius using the controller, while simultaneously controlling his legion through kinect voice commands.


There will also be co-op multiplayer, where players fight each other in a gladiator arena setting.



More details about Marius as well as the new characters Crytek revealed at the Comic-Con panel


• Marius - The hero of “Ryse: Son of Rome,” Marius is a young soldier with a strong sense of duty who is completely dedicated to Rome and her ideals. Initially eager to fight against Rome’s enemies and expand the Empire, he soon realizes that Rome is vulnerable to an even more insidious threat than the barbarians he faces on the battlefield. Ever loyal to Rome, he resolves to rid the Empire of her true enemies.


• Vitallion - A wise and charismatic general who has served Rome for decades, Vitallion has fought in many campaigns and serves as a mentor to Marius. As events transpire he begins to wonder if duty has its limits, and whether self-restraint is always the correct course of action.


• Nero - Nero, Emperor of Rome, struggles to maintain his grip on power. He promotes his two sons Commodus and Basillius to powerful positions, letting them take control of the rebellious province of Britannia. Nero feels threaten by all potential rivals and exacts ruthless retribution against anyone who crosses him.


• Commodus and Basillius - As governor of Britannia, Nero’s eldest son, Commodus, sees himself as a god, and the people of Britannia as his subjects. His reign is characterized by brutal repression. Nero’s youngest son, Basillius, enjoys anything carnal or cruel. At the Colosseum he delights in watching gladiators kill each other, and lords over the terrified slaves he keeps in his harem in the bowels of the structure.


• Boudica - The daughter of King Oswald, the ruler of the Britons. Strong and resilient, Boudica hates Rome, and with good reason: under Roman rule, her people are made to suffer horribly. When her father faces horrific retribution from a perceived insult, it galvanizes Boudica and she rallies her people to rise against their oppressors. Boudica is a principled woman and has the will to go to the ends of the world to save her people.


• Oswald - Benevolent king of the Britons. He leads a rebellion against the tyrannical rule of Rome, but when the Romans brutally repress the rebels, Oswald submits to Roman dominance in hopes this will spare his people. His naivety leaves him vulnerable to the Romans.


• Glott - Enigmatic leader of the Northern barbarians, rumored to be more beast than man. Very little is known about him except that he is fiercely independent and will make war on both the Romans and Oswald’s tribe.


• The Spirit Gods - Immortal spirit, one who watches over humanity, guides Marius. She appears in mortal form, but radiates an otherworldly aura. Another - known in mortal form as Aquilo - seeks the destruction of Rome and allies himself with her enemies.
















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Hab gesehen, dass den Fred noch gar nicht gab.


Ich denke der Titel wird nicht so schlecht. QTE hin oder her. Grafisch hats doch schon einiges hergegeben. Natürlich muss das Gameplay auch stimmen...


Hier noch das Neuste:


Crytek USA, the Ex-Darksiders studio, is helping out on Ryse: Son of Rome


Crytek USA, the Ex-Darksiders studio, is helping out on Ryse: Son of Rome


Earlier this year, Crytek took on a core team of staff from Vigil Games, the studio behind Darksiders, after they failed to find a home following the bankruptcy of their parent company THQ.


Following their adoption, the ex-Vigil staff were assembled into a studio named Crytek USA, and now we have some idea of what they’ve been up to. Crytek USA are helping develop Ryse: Son of Rome, Crytek’s exclusive title for Xbox One, the games’ producer, Mike Read, revealed to Siliconera today.


The Crytek USA team consists of about 30 people now. Read added that Crytek USA are also working on their own “things,” but had nothing to offer on just what these things are.



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Ich behalte es zwar im Auge, aber für einen interactive movie -wonach es derzeit aussieht- lege ich keine 90.- hin.

Das Szenario würde mich an sich schon interessieren. Zumal man von Crytek etwas erwarten kann.

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Ich behalte es zwar im Auge, aber für einen interactive movie -wonach es derzeit aussieht- lege ich keine 90.- hin.

Das Szenario würde mich an sich schon interessieren. Zumal man von Crytek etwas erwarten kann.


Das Szenario klingt wirklich interessant. Vielleicht kommen sie ja noch ein bisschen weg von den xtrem häufigen QTEs...

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Alleine die Tatsache dass sich die QTE von selbst vervollständigen (egal ob man den falschen Knopf drückt), ist schon bischen bedenklich...untermauert umso mehr "interaktiven Film".


Ist dem so? Hab ich grad zum ersten Mal gehört...


Das wäre ja voll behindert!!!

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“A big thing surrounding combat was ‘mashing to mastery’,” said Goddard. “We don’t want to punish you for being casual. As you get better you get cooler stuff, until you’re really shredding through people.


“If you mash the buttons then your moves come out and you look fluent. If you’re timing all your hits as you’re landing then you’re shredding through people, and it gets faster and faster, getting to executions quicker. If you time your deflect perfectly, for example, your opponent will spin around and be completely open to a counter-attack.”


There are a lot of QTEs going on. You hit B to enter an execution sequence after you successfully land a few strikes. Again, though, if you screw them up you won’t be stopped.


“There’s no win or fail: you get the execution,” said Goddard. “But if you get the timing right you get perks. Someone might give you health back, for example. Some might give you more score or experience.

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Interview von siliconera.com

[spoiler=Interview]Ryse Producer Explains How The Xbox One Game Will Be Different From The E3 Demo

By Spencer . July 22, 2013 . 6:23pm


I played Ryse: Son of Rome and while the Xbox One title had more realistic graphics, the combat seemed to focus too much on quick time events. The hands-on demo is exactly the same as the E3 demo where you control Marius Titus and charge into battle. You can attack with Marius’ sword by pressing X, bash enemies with your shield with the Y button, block with A, and press B to grab an enemy for an execution. In the hands-on demo, time slows down when you trigger an execution and button prompts pop up. Hit those in order and Marius will brutally finish off an enemy.


Combat is similar to Batman: Arkham City or Sleeping Dogs since you can change targets by pointing the analog stick towards the next enemy you want to strike. As you move through the demo, Marius goes into "formation mode" which calls a group of soldiers to stand side by side holding their shields up to block arrows. You have to alternate between raising your shield and throwing pilums to defeat a wave of archers.


After that you storm a castle. The first enemy you see is conveniently standing by a ledge so you can kick him off. Marius commands his unit to destroy a catapult while he covers his squad from a wave of three enemies.


Ryse is supposed to be a combat focused game and my first thought after playing it was there was too much focus on quick time events. Also, it was way to easy to lock enemies into QTEs. It’s not unusual for demos to play different from the final game. For example, you can’t die in the Ryse demo and you have an unlimited number of troops that back you up in formation mode. This won’t happen in the retail game, which is slated for release as an Xbox One launch title. However, Ryse’s combat felt like it was very much a work in progress for a game just a few months away, so Siliconera pulled Crytek producer Michael Read aside and asked him a few questions.



When I played Ryse I noticed, that when you fight multiple guys you can just press the A button to block without worrying about the direction an enemy was coming at you. It seemed kind of easy, since you didn’t need to change the direction Marius is facing when it came to blocking.


Michael Read, Producer at Crytek: No. It’s not on this demo specifically. When they come in at a specific range, Marius will go into a combat pose.


It you’d like notice, that’s also on the combat side too. I mean if you have two guys that are spread apart; much in a similar way like [the] Batman [Arkham series]. You are attacking one [enemy]. You know that guy is over there. You push the stick and start hitting him and he [Marius] will charge over to him and hacking him. We are working on the block mechanics.


How is the combo system going to work? God of War is a combo heavy game, while in Ryse I only needed to hit an enemy once or twice before moving into an execution state.


This is why had need to do a deeper explanation because what we presented on the kit for E3 was being perceived as what the final game is going to be. And really, it was a very tiny slice. There are some scripted moments in there that we had to put in. There are a couple of guys you strike them two times – especially the first guy you strike in there he immediately goes into an execution state. This is the same demo that we used in actual E3 piece that we’ve shown online as well.


What you’re going to see in the final game, you’re going to see various levels of difficulty from easy mode I think up to nightmare. I don’t know if they have decided on that. But, what’s going to change in there is the amount of the damage that enemies is going to do to you and how accurate that you are going to do on blocking. And then of course what ties into that is execution state when you put them into that. Some of the higher archetype guys, I mean they are going to take a lot of hits to put it. We are going to throw some stupid guys in there, where it’s probably going to take two hits, especially early on in the game to get you used to the control system and how that all works. There’s a lot we should have explained. We didn’t do a good job of doing that.


What I had said in during the presentation was we work a lot on our own engine. We’re working with a development kit that’s still very much in development. One of the few games, if you look at a lot of the games that we are truly hands on the Xbox One, we are one of the few that are actually hands on the Xbox One. There was other running on kits like Dead Rising for instance. Some of those games, we had to go back, and go “OK, what’s in our combat system? What’s ready in our combat system we feel comfortable and bringing out and having our hands on with.” We have to shrink things down. Get very straight forward, very easy, to get people into it.


A lot of the design elements and balancing weren’t even in there yet. So, to throw those in and here to play the game, I mean, it makes for an awful experience. But I think at the same time, we simplified things a little bit too much but we didn’t do a good job in explaining the combat. Right now, you play the demo you have X is your hit, Y is your shield bash, A is your block, B will lead you into execution mode. [Pointing to the left triggers] So that’s for your call-outs. This will be like your focus. This [right trigger] is to throw out your pilums.


There are other functions in the general combat you’re going to get into. Pressing X will do your standard swing. Holding X down will do a heavier attack or heavy shield bash, for instance, with the other buttons. You also have shield bash and kick or block and kick.


When you enter into an execution state, we are going to remove the button prompts that you saw in this version. And they are going to be replaced with visual and audio prompts that people are going to have to learn over time. We have like a hundred executions in the game.


I saw on the Ryse Smartglass demo there were 120.


I’d say around a hundred. Let’s keep it to about a 100.


There’s not a failure state that is associated with the execution. But what is associated with it is, depending on how accurately you get those button presses in time with that, you’re going to get a bigger bonus. What you need to do before you go into combat, while you are doing combat, it’s what the D-pad comes to play. The D-pad for instance, I don’t know what final buttons that are going to be on this. [Pointing to the D-pad.] Let’s say this is health, this is damage, this is XP, that’s what we call focus. The focus mode, I can’t really go into full details on it, but it’s an interesting piece.


Let’s say you’re fighting in the game, you’re hacking a guy down. You’re getting beat from two guys behind. Your health is low. You’re like, damn, what am I going to do. I need health. Health doesn’t regenerate by itself, so I have to perform the execution mode to do that. So I flick on the health, I beat one guy down, and then I try to get those execution states, and I try to get those execution presses in time with that so that I’ll get a larger bonus to get some health back and beat these other two guys.


Let’s way I’m doing really well, we have XP for that. You know what, I want to unlock some of the special skills. I want to get higher in that, so I’m going for a XP bonus. You perform those executions and you get a XP bonus. There’s damage modifier and also focus as well. You can choose between these.


What’s going to happen with the button presses is when you go into the execution state, you’ll learn what the execution is over time. Let’s say it’s the right arm swinging, I know if I see the right arm swinging that I need to to press X. He’s going to kick on this, and then I need to learn when the button press is to do Y. And timing that along with it. Depending on the difficulty state that you’re in, it’s going to time it down to how accurate within the number of frames you’re going to have to be in pressing that button to get, to maximize the bonus.


I see, but how will I as a player know what button presses to make? It kind of reminds me of learning Mortal Kombat’s fatalities without someone telling you what they are.


Like up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. I’m awful at fighting games. I’m really bad.


Is this why Smartglass and the hint videos is going to be so important?


I don’t think in terms of being “so important.” You have the help element that comes into play. You know you asking your friends, “Hey how do you do this?” You can share a video online with that. That’s not the only thing, but in terms of showcasing this is a first iteration of what we’ve been doing with the Smartglass technology and integrating it into the game. They show a much different thing like with Dead Rising [3] for instance where you can call an air strike.


What we showcased with the Ryse stuff, we didn’t want to get in that extra kind of stuff that really wasn’t working with what we’re trying to do with our game, but more to help Microsoft in building the menu experience that can build into the Xbox itself, and some of the cloud features that will be available.


Going back to learning the executions, let’s say I just unlocked an execution. How long does it take to learn it?


It will take you a little bit of time to learn it. I’m sure there’s going to be videos on YouTube uploaded to it. We talked about how it aggregate the videos and screenshots that kind of stuff where people can kind of show you where timings are and how that works. But again, like I said, there are going to be visual and audio cue associated with the executions.


Now, when you unlock a new execution and you do it for the first time, you probably not going to hit that bang on the first couple of times you do it. Then maybe you’re going to get to a point you are going to go, “Ah, I know when these button timings are.” It times in. we’ve done that because we want to time it in with the general combat itself. We don’t want to break the flow of combat, in general.


Everything we’ve talked about has been quite different from what I played.


I know. It was such a small core bit of what we were showing in the gameplay itself, and you know, maybe we should have shown more. Maybe we should have done a hands off piece and gone into a lot more detail.



Der Anfang ist nur über die Demo wie wir sie kennen, danach werden noch einige Fragen gestellt, wobei mir die Antworten nicht immer gefallen. :ugly:

(gegenlesen ist bei siliconera wohl auch nicht der Fall, so viele Schreibfehler ^^)

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Schon. Wird auch angesprochen: so oder so Marketingfail.


Mal ein paar Tests, bzw. ne Demo - falls es eine geben wird - abwarten. Rein vom Setting her würde mich das Game halt schon interessieren.


Vielleicht ist's ja mit den QTE's wirklich nicht soooooo schlimm! :ugly:

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...vielleicht gibts den Weihnachtsmann ja wirklich! :ugly:


Bin da leider nicht wirklich optimistisch.


Das Spiel ist aber Xbox One exklusiv ...!

Und es gibt nun wirklich keinen Grund sich dieses Ding anzuschaffen ...!



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Ja, ich weiss.....und da ich mir wohl eh eine PS4 kaufe wird

das Ding wohl so oder so an mir vorbeigehen.


Wobei das Szenario an sich sehr interessant ist


Sehr interessant. Erzähl mir mehr davon. Wir haben es noch nicht mitgekriegt.

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Wirkt das nur auf mich so oder scheint das Gameplay etwas hakelig? Optisch macht's jetzt wirklich keine schlechte Figur, auch wenn mir die E3-Enthüllung nicht so gepasst hat... aber gameplaytechnisch.... :notsureifgusta:


Sieht einfach wie ein ganz normaler Brawler aus und grafisch ist es wohl Ok, mehr aber auch nicht. :notsureifgusta:

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Sieht einfach wie ein ganz normaler Brawler aus und grafisch ist es wohl Ok, mehr aber auch nicht. :notsureifgusta:


Vor allem halt die gezeigten Gladiator Mode-Szenen... sieht irgendwie random und chaotisch aus - die Kameraführung ist wohl auch nicht gerade optimal und wenn ich das richtig sehe, nicht direkt hinter dem Charakter platziert? :notsureif:

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